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CITATION:For all resources provided on the website ('Downloads' and 'Tools' pages), including the Personal Genome Constructor, personal genomes, transcriptomes and AlleleSeq tool, please cite:
Rozowsky J. et al. AlleleSeq: analysis of allele-specific expression and binding in a network framework. Mol Syst Biol. 2011.

For information on more personal genomes and additional resources for allele-specific behavior, please visit AlleleDB here.

  • Diploid genome of NA12878
    Last updated: Jan 7 2017

  • Diploid genome of NA12878 (Dec 16 2012 version): variants and read depth (from CNVnator)
    Last updated: Jun 27 2014

  • Diploid transcriptome (using GENCODE 3c) for NA12878
    Last updated: Jun 15 2011

    Gerstein Lab publications that are allele-related:

    1) Rozowsky J et al. Mol Syst Biol (2011) Article

  • SNPs resulting in allele-specific behaviour (VCF format)
  • accessible hetSNPs in allele-specific expression (tab-delimited)
  • Genes with allele-specific expression
  • ChIP-Seq and RNAseq reads for GM12878

    2) Djebali et al. Nature (2012) Article
  • SNPs resulting in allele-specific expression
    (with implicated gene and transcript information)

    3) Gerstein et al. Nature (2012) Article
  • ENCODE-nets datafiles (including allele-specific analyses)

    4) Chen et al. Nat Commun (2016) Article
  • AlleleDB

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